After Shannon was shot dead, Sayid placed her body on the ground gently, and then tried to attack Ana Lucia. Two men emerged from a bar fighting, followed by a woman who fell to the ground. Miles gives him the scoop: Sayid wasn’t so … ("Namaste")  ("He's Our You"), Two days later, Sayid saw Jack, Kate, Richard Alpert, Eloise Hawking and Erik in the jungle. He wants free of the game he and Jacob have been playing all this time, and he's not above convincing others they're just pawns if it will help him achieve his ends. The importance of his skills, primarily, comes from its role in the storyline, in which it is often employed in revealing new secrets of the Island. Under the influence, Sayid shared knowledge of the island and revealed he'd traveled from the future, first worrying then angering his captors. ("This Place Is Death"), Soon after, Illana found Sayid drinking in a Los Angeles bar. Reason For Trip Think, for example, of the whole final sequence in last season's finale or of Hurley emerging from the jungle in the DHARMA van or of pretty much any fight scene featuring Sayid. She was a series regular until her funeral in "What Kate Did". ), * I have to admit that I like Kate a lot more when she's seeking Claire and inadvertently making a new lifelong enemy by telling ol' Crazy Eyes (a phrase I believe. Nadia asked what he had done, then a police detective knocked on the door. Aboard Flight 815, Sayid kicked in a lavatory door to help a flight attendant and s… fan bandwagon just yet, since I think the show is heading in a direction where neither Jacob nor the Man in Black is pure evil or pure good, but Dogen's warnings that Sayid would turn pure evil turned out to be rather overstated. Hurley, amazingly, acts as bait to ambush his own buddies — and after a bit of shuffling, Kate stays with the Locke-ites, Sayid trades Miles (a.k.a. Despite his brutal nature, he was usually impeccably polite and courteous and was a passionate man who protected his loved ones. November 7, 1967 The group found Frank Lapidus and his helicopter, and Sayid declared the aircraft fit to fly. Sawyer then accidentally activated the bomb. Claire tried to kill Kate, who screamed for Sayid's help, but he remained passive; Sayid said he was incapable of feeling anything at all. Sayid is portrayed as a man of many skills. To be sure, the series is still dealing with the things that it's most interested in, as the whole sequence revolves around what will be the final decisions of Sayid in regard to which side of the Island battle he'll be on, but even as this whole sequence is incredibly, incredibly dark, it remains fun, somehow, until its surprisingly sobering conclusion. Can't wait to see what those two will get up to in the sideways-verse. "The Greater Good" is the 21st episode of the first season of Lost. ("Abandoned"), He then tried to attack Ana Lucia, but Mr. Eko stopped and fought him, and Sayid was eventually knocked out by Ana Lucia. Anthony Keyvan (child) ("The Incident, Part 1") Five days later, Sayid held her funeral in Iraq and caught Ben spying on him. He flew to Los Angeles to see Nadia, but believing he didn't deserve her, he'd "pushed" her to his brother Omer, who were now married with children. The episode was directed by David Grossman and written by Leonard Dick.It first aired on May 4, 2005, on ABC.The character of Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) is featured in the episode's flashbacks. Where Sayid was changing for the better, showing his softer and more humane side with the other castaways, Shannon showed little improvement. Those final moments -- of Sayid emerging from the Temple's inner sanctum to see the havoc that he had helped wreak, "Catch a Falling Star" strumming away on the soundtrack -- were both downright eerie and somehow poignant. Photo: Top: Sayid (Naveen Andrews, front) and Claire (Emilie de Ravin) have signed on to the Man in Black's plan in "Lost." As Shannon ran towards it, Ana Lucia mistook her for an Other and shot her. "The End" As well, he is seen drinking MacCutcheon whisky in a bar prior to meeting Ilana, also forbidden in Islam. ("The Incident, Part 2"), In 2004, Sayid was arrested in Heathrow Airport and delivered to CIA and ASIS officials. WATCH VIDEO of the most shocking exits from Lost… From the point of view of his followers, I wonder if it won't become apparent soon that his way will lead to chaos, just as Jacob's way could lead to an order so strict that it cuts off everyone's room to breathe. "Lost" has always done big action well, often reducing me to a giddy 8-year-old boy while watching it, simply thrilled to be watching fun action-adventure on a grand scale. They bring Ilanna, Ben, Lapidus and Sun back into the plot almost as suddenly as they left it. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")  ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 2"), Desmond told Sayid what Charlie had learned in the Looking Glass, and Sayid warned against calling Jack in case their "rescuers" monitored their communications. Sayid delayed his flight to Nadia in California so he could arrange a proper Muslim burial. After he returned to 2007, he died, but the Man in Black resurrected him and recruited him to his side. Shortly afterwards, Sayid attacked an assassin disguised as a nurse. He is often brought to violence and doesn’t hesitate to kill in order to protect or avenge. They found a grave, but Sayid dug through it, finding the real Henry Gale's body. The Man in Black then cryptically offered anything Sayid wanted in exchange for his help, though the one thing Sayid wanted had "died in his arms", alluding to Shannon or Nadia. Sayid offered Miles in exchange for Charlotte then returned to the helicopter and left with Frank, Desmond, and Naomi's body. After this, Sayid lived in the Man in Black's group in an almost blank-like state. Bottom: Kate and Miles (Ken Leung) have to run from a monstrous threat in the "Sundown" episode of "Lost." When his superior officer, ordered her execution, Sayid killed him to help her escape, shooting himself as well and giving her his gun. Sayid is one of 22 main characters to have their names appear in a soundtrack title. He tries to fight his murderous nature and seeks redemption through helping people as much he can, and therefore played a major role in the series. Sayid remained behind, killed two men and took their prisoner - Desmond ("Ab Aeterno")  ("The Package")  ("Happily Ever After"), He delivered the prisoner to the Man in Black, who later dropped him in a well and asked Sayid to kill him. There, he picked up a French signal. Sayid was a former Republican Guard torturer and worked for an oil company. Sayid escaped, stealing Rousseau's maps and notes, and hearing whispers coming out from the jungle. Anthony Keyvan played a young Sayid in "He's Our You". ("Solitary") Whether Sayid's faith would play a role in the coming events, and complement that played by Locke or Mr. Eko, is still a matter of question. And we’re not talking noogies , guys. ("Walkabout") ("White Rabbit") ("House of the Rising Sun"), When he suspected Sawyer of hoarding Shannon's asthma medicine, Sayid tortured him, injuring his arm. He has been shot four separate times; once in a flashback, by himself, once on the Island in the present, by. The next day Sayid and the Man in Black traveled to Hydra Island. After leaving the Island, Sayid became a member of the group known as the Oceanic Six. Sayid returned to the Temple and told the Others to leave or die. The men responsible came to Sayid though and brought him to a restaurant to meet the loan shark - Martin Keamy. I'm still trying to figure out why the writers felt this was necessary. For its final 10 minutes or so, "Lost" unveils the television equivalent of an Indiana Jones movie or the battle at Helm's Deep in the "Lord of the Rings" series. NajeevTorturer Centric So when Dogen is telling Sayid that the balance of the scale indicates he's become more evil than good (and, really, I'd love a machine that would tell me that), you can take his statement literally, or you can take it as the point that Dogen is making from the point-of-view of the guy who's guarding the Temple and has signed up with Jacob. Shannon Rutherford is a fictional character played by Maggie Grace on the ABC drama television series Lost, which chronicled the lives of the survivors of a plane crash in the South Pacific. A courageous man and a competent leader, Sayid maintained a conservative manner which reflected his strength and spirituality. Still, Sayid has absolutely no pride in his acts. Sayid holds his own against Sawyer on their second day on the island. Age Contradicting his Islamic faith (and his dedication to Nadia), Sayid and Shannon have premarital sex, which is forbidden in Islam. Sayid and Kate found Sawyer, Jack, Hurley and Frank at the helicopter and they flew to the Kahana, where they refueled and patched a leak before taking off again. Sayid held her as she died. Actor The Tailies, Eko, Libby and Bernard attended the funeral, paying their respects, but Ana Lu… First, we had to go through the agony of Juliet slipping from Sawyer's hand and falling … At the funeral, a sailboat appereared just offshore. In a fit of rage, Sayid overcomes and almost kills Mr. Eko. He escaped and unsuccessfully tried to kill young Ben, whose father then shot him. He'll just exact a huge toll from all of the people around you. On the Island, he is seen occasionally practicing a number of Islamic rituals or taking faith-inspired actions. Non-Centric Flash And that's infinitely more understandable than some botched mystical medical procedure turning him dark-hearted or something like that. The group encountered the sonic fence, and Sayid realized its purpose. We’re talking all sorts of weird shit that ultimately ended up with him stabbing Sawyer and being like, whoops, I just hit a fucking artery or something. The Man in Black left the camp in his care, and Widmore's men shot him with a dart. But he seems sort of oblivious that one of the offshoots of true free will is that just about anyone can do whatever they like. ("The Constant") Desmond and Sayid spent time again confined before meeting the Captain, then encountered Michael, who was using the alias "Kevin Johnson". ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3"). Last Hitman working for BenChef, Le Portail d'ArabieIntelligence Officer, Iraqi Republican Guard ("Meet Kevin Johnson")  ("Cabin Fever")  ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1"), Richard agreed to let them leave the island if they helped rescue Ben. Happening minutes after Sayid' s and now they left an orphan behind. Sayid overpowers and kills two men at the "safe house" despite having been shot with two tranquilizer darts at a point during the fight. He may say that he wants Jack to come to the realization of his destiny on his own, but he's still clearly pulling the strings to get a desired effect. He then asked Charlie if he had forgotten about what the others did to him. An American sergeant major assigned Sayid, the unit's only English-speaker, to interrogate his own commanding officer. (A piece of real estate with mystical properties, but still.) He developed a relationship with Shannon, another survivor, and was devastated by her accidental death. But the show is often pretty bad at conveying the scale of the violence involved in this bloody battle over the Island. ("Sundown"), Sayid traveled across the Island with the rest of the Man in Black's group until they eventually set up camp in a clearing in a coastal forest. The issue of how devout he is has been made unclear by a few lines. "Solitary""The Greater Good""One of Them""Enter 77""The Economist""He's Our You""Sundown" I don't know that "Sundown" is a perfect episode, but I love the way it raises big questions while still providing an awesome action payoff. From his point of view, it's hard to be stronger than a Smoke Monster. Later on, a young boy brought him a sandwich, introduced himself as Ben Linus and promised him to help him escape. Sayid initially withheld Michael's identity and confronted him in private, but he outed him to the Captain after hearing his full story. In the post-hatch timeline, Sayid is seen using a compass in season 3, apparently unaffected by any island magnetism. He then met again with Dogen, drowned him in the spring and slit Lennon's throat right after. He resisted interrogation, and when Ben ordered their deaths, their captors shot the ground in a mock execution. But so much hinges on those closing moments on the Island, which work as a payoff both for the episode (which actually felt a bit slow for a while until it started building up to the climax) and the first seven hours of the season. Sayid then rejoined the group in the jungle and helped shoot Widmore's men as the group commandeered his submarine. It sounds like an easy job, but only once they're in the dream do they realize all their research was based on a lie. Sayid Jarrah was born around 1967 in Tikrit, Iraq, the son of a celebrated Iraqi hero. We really don't know if the rest of Rousseau's team came into … Leaving, he found a prisoner in the freezer, and after some thought, he gave him a box cutter to free himself. Shared Centric ("The Greater Good"), In Sydney Airport the following day, Sayid met Shannon and asked her to watch his bag. On their way to Libby and Ana Lucia's funeral, Sayid told Jack of his suspicions of Michael's motives and told him he was working on a plan. In high school, he auditioned for drama school and was accepted at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama. It's good at making you feel the pangs of sadness over the death of a main character, but it often has trouble dropping us into the sheer waste involved in this global battle over what amounts to a piece of real estate. They went next to the church and sat together as a bright light covered them. Miles and Kate went with him. Even when he's drowning Dogen and slitting Lennon's throat, he's still pretty recognizably Sayid. The prisoner claimed he'd buried his wife on the island, but Sayid saw through the lies, recalled Shannon's death and attacked him till Jack pulled him off. ("Dave") Michael returned to camp after time with the Others, and Sayid realized he had "been compromised." Just like that. Through the introduced secrets, new threads in the storyline are created that eventually help in its development. But Sayid's early contributions, which his military background facilitated, soon proved him a vital member of the group. Rousseau found a photo of Nadia, and Sayid said she was dead, because of him. When he asked Desmond if he could use the boat he admitted he did not know how to sail. In "I Do", he says to Locke "I believe in what I can see" concerning the existence of "the Monster". Sayid was the 15th main character to die. Sayid was one of the Oceanic Six, who publicly escaped the Island. Sayid tossed out an inflatable life raft, and they crashed into the ocean. Jacob is down with the idea that everything in the world has a plan and that in some cases he will be the author of that plan. * That scene between Dogen and Sayid on the edge of the pool -- right before Sayid killed the guy -- was very well done, and it laid out just how Jacob and the Man in Black cut deals with people. A call took Omer from dinner early, and the children, looking for presents, found a picture of Nadia in Sayid's bag. We're simply not built that way. ("He's Our You")  ("316"), Like several Ajira Flight 316 passengers, Sayid appeared on the Island in 1977, where Radzinsky and the rest of the DHARMA Initiative believed he was a Hostile. "Exodus, Part 2""The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" Sawyer offered to integrate him into DHARMA, but Sayid refused. Confronted, Dogen told Sayid the test proved evil had taken over him. Keamy tried to get him to pay Omer's debt, but Sayid used one of the men as a human shield then shot Keamy and the other henchman. Sayid tried to put his past behind him numerous times but just can’t wash the blood off his hands. ("Exodus, Part 2")  ("Exodus, Part 3"), Sayid repaired the Swan's computer when it broke, and he later discovered thick concrete reminiscent of Chernobyl in its foundations. Sayid created a signal fire as planned and returned to the Elizabeth when the discharge occurred. He reunited with Nadia, but when a hit-and-run driver killed her, Sayid joined Benjamin Linus as a hitman against Widmore to avenge her death. If he refused, they threatened to detain Nadia indefinitely overseas. The Sayid of old dies at the end of season five/the beginning of season six, but he was resurrected by the Man in Black and became some type of weird Dark Sayid. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1") He is seen praying Shahada L? In the flash-sideways, he was reunited with his island lover, Shannon Rutherford, and along with their friends, they moved on. Sayid agreed with facetious gravity. The tail section survivors then tied him to a tree. She later talked to him saying, she was sorry for killing Shannon, and that it was a mistake. But sometimes, oh, sometimes, you watch the show and end up feeling that there's just nothing else like it on TV, nothing quite so, well ... awesome. He wants to be free from the Island, and he's willing to take anyone who wants to go with him. Lennon called the ordeal a "test" and that he had "passed". Hurley picked up Sayid and Jack in a van and took them to the Swan site. She too though was using him for information, and a confrontation killed her and wounded Sayid. A later visit angered the boy's father, who slammed him into the bars. ("Solitary"), Sayid returned to camp and told Jack and Sawyer they were "not alone", which eased his and Sawyer's conflict. Passing by Sayid in the alternate universe hospital. Is it easy to say that the Man in Black exacts a horrible toll in this episode? ("Three Minutes"), Sayid, Jack, and Sawyer swam out to the boat and discovered a drunken Desmond inside. Without some sort of structure in place, things fall apart pretty quickly, and the strongest win out. She tortured and interrogated him about her daughter's whereabouts, and Sayid told her of the crash about hearing her distress signal. Sayid spent much of his adult life searching for his love, Nadia, and trying to atone for his past. As far as Sayid is concerned, though, the darker side of life always exerts its hold over him in either timeline. Hurley and the rest rushed him to the temple stream, but he died after the Others submerged him. Sayid was a former Republican Guard torturer and worked for an oil company. The crew locked the pair in a room, but they escaped, and Sayid repaired sabotaged radio equipment so Desmond could call his girlfriend and anchor his consciousness. ("He's Our You"), Cut loose, Sayid traveled to the Dominican Republic and worked for a charity organization. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")  ("Orientation") Shannon began seeing visions of Walt, but Sayid remained skeptical. They met Locke on the way to Jack, and Sayid confronted him about blowing up the sub, but when Jack attacked him for killing Naomi, Sayid separated the two. The Man in Black, however, will give you what you want and let you experience it directly. ("Because You Left")  ("The Lie")  ("The Little Prince") Tired of Ben's lies, Sayid left the group. Sayid worked to find the source of a distress signal and met the woman who sent it out. She took him aboard Ajira 316 in handcuffs. Sayid served as a Communications Officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard for five years. After finishing school, Sayid attended Cairo University. Sayid Hassan Jarrah (Arabic: سعيد جراح) was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and a former Iraqi Republican Guard torturer. A good case in point is "Sundown," which starts out as sort of a philosophical treatise on whether man is inherently good or evil and then becomes one of the most ridiculously fun-to-watch action sequences the show has ever turned out. They give us even more creepy from Claire. ("Pilot, Part 1") ("Pilot, Part 2") ("Tabula Rasa") Later, Sayid attempted to locate the signal's origin, but Locke knocked him unconscious and smashed his equipment. Sayid's father - FatherSayid's mother - MotherOmer Jarrah - BrotherNoor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem - Wife / Sister-in-law (flash sideways)Sam Jarrah - Nephew (flash sideways)Eva Jarrah - Niece (flash sideways)Shannon Rutherford - Lover/Soul Mate. Overjoyed that they had found each other, Shannon and Sayid shared a passionate kiss. If we really need a "Lost" spinoff, that sitcom about Ben Linus and John Locke teaching at a middle school would be good, but I'd also love to see "Cooking with Keamy. After, Sayid walked through the carnage, joined the Man in Black's new group and walked off into the jungle. After Sawyer told Sayid that Juliet was Ben's mole, Sayid shared the news about Naomi with others. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith") He continued his efforts to comfort her over Boone's death though by building her a beautiful tent where they made love. "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" "There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3" "LA X, Parts 1 & 2" "The Last Recruit" "The End" Horace and Radzinsky threatened to take the interrogation to the next level, and took Sayid is then taken to Initiative's interrogator, who drugged him. The bomb exploded, killing him. Sayid stopped a fight between Jin and Michael and insisted that Jin be handcuffed till he could figure what had happened. Soon after, they shared a vision of Walt. With time on my hands, I revisited the series in the past few months. Sayid delivered the eulogy at his funeral. Sayid agreed, but he revealed his betrayal at the last minute to his roommate, who immediately shot himself. The Monster rampaged through the Temple. Dogen then fought and almost killed Sayid, but stopped and instead gave him a knife and a mission to assassinate the Man in Black. On the flip side, I wonder if the Man in Black isn't supposed to represent free will. He does so almost always in cold blood, or out of anger (when he avenged his wife.) They drifted till they reached a boat. ("The Candidate"). It's a big, bold show when it wants to be, and when it pays off a whole bunch of setup with a big, action payoff, it usually delivers. But for as much as the show seems to be hinting that the Man in Black is pure evil, it sure feels to me as though this is kind of a fake-out. ("Raised by Another")  ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues") He enlisted Shannon's help translating Rousseau's maps, and though they discovered only song lyrics, they developed a relationship, which included a date at an isolated beach. To travel through the barracks, he suggested donning DHARMA jumpsuits, but Roger Linus spotted him anyway and shot him. Sayid told Jack Desmond's location and told him he'd replace Jacob then carried the bomb away from the others to the back of the submarine. (It's questions and mega-answers, so spoilers ahead! Ben distracted the security team with a burning van and freed Sayid, who escaped into the jungle, knocked out Jin, stole his gun and shot Ben. Sayid dies midway through season six saving his friends from a bomb, and Sun and Jin die later in the same episode, drowning together in a sinking submarine. When "Lost" is on, there's nothing quite like it for bringing big, epic moments, and there's never really been anything like it in the history of the medium. She instead reported him to airport security as an "Arab man" who'd left a bag unattended. Jin and Sun's deaths were the inexcusable ones for me. Sayid refused. And brutal as they are, those final minutes definitely work as payoff. "The Greater Good" I've gotta admit that when those kids ran out and called him "Uncle Sayid" and he gave that sad little smile, it was kind of a punch in the gut. The agents offered him Nadia's whereabouts if he infiltrated his college roommate's Sydney terrorist cell and convinced him to martyr himself to further their investigations. Kate (Evangeline Lilly, background) isn't so sure. Sayid is drowned by the natives and dies. Claire's ending was really frustrating. Later on, Sayid carried her body back to camp to be buried. All you need to do is visit a comments section on a partisan political blog to remind yourself of how easy it is to demonize the other side, and I wonder if that isn't some of what Jacob's followers and the followers of the Man in Black are doing to each other here. Many times, a secret was unfolded, as a result of an event triggered by one of these skills. He began questioning his loyalties, though when forced to interrogate Nadia, who had joined an insurgent group. He also tortured many characters, and (ironically) showed genuine fear when he was tortured himself. ("The Cost of Living")  ("Enter 77")  ("Par Avion"), The party reached the Barracks, and the Others tied up Sayid and Kate in a playground. Sayid’s story got a little dicey in the later seasons of Lost, but the goodwill he’d earned at the beginning of the series kept us rooting for him until his final moments, and even beyond. The 10 Most Shocking Lost Deaths. Credit: ABC. Dogen tells a long story about killing his son in a drunken accident and being offered a second chance by Jacob if he would come to the island, basically shifting the blame for the way Sayid’s been treated. They successfully rescued the baby, and a worried Shannon embraced him on his return. SETH NORRIS (GREG GRUNBERG) When: Season 1, episode 1, ''Pilot — Part 1'' How: The pilot … Sayid later learned Sawyer was innocent and left the beach on a solitary journey of redemption. Blown up by a bombDrowned One of his torture victims recognized him, and her husband kidnapped him by pretending to hire him as a chef. ", * And don't forget that I'm always looking for your theories and links in comments, in my. Later Sayid sat on the beach with Charlie. Later, while Sayid, Desmond, and Kate Austen were being brought from holding to prison, Desmond offers to help him escape in exchange for a future favor. For the second straight year, our beloved crypto-drama has aired an episode on February 14. We know Nadine was killed and Montand lost an arm (and later died in the Temple as revealed in " LA X "). ("The Last Recruit")  ("What They Died For")  ("The End"). Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) began as one of Lost's most … The spring and slit Lennon 's throat, he auditioned for drama school and was devastated by her death. T so … Born Naveen William Sidney Andrews in London on January 17,.! Miles in exchange for Charlotte then returned to 2007, he proved that his faith is a was! Ben, Lapidus and Sun 's deaths were the inexcusable ones for me. questions open-ended and:. Classic, Sayid attacked an assassin disguised as a nurse body back to camp, tells! Took them to the Elizabeth when the survivors, Sayid is Muslim, though forced... N'T forget that i 'm always looking for your theories and links in comments, in freezer... Plot almost as suddenly as they touched, they shared a passionate Man who a., claiming to represent his Seychelles victim 's family their captors shot the ground in freezer! He received to the Elizabeth when the survivors split, where the DHARMA Initiative captured him, urging to! Evil had taken over him been made unclear by a car skills but in... His unit who spoke English so he could figure what had happened was changing for the second straight,! ” recap: Sayid wasn ’ t disappear: he spared Desmond and sacrificed himself for his body be! Series regular until her funeral in `` he 's been Alone so long on Island! This Place is death '' ) Rousseau came to camp to be DHARMA jumpsuits but... He ’ s fate Lost is not kind to lovers, especially on Valentine ’ s fate Lost is kind... With Juliet over her body back to camp to be buried Sayid refused to flee with Nadia, fearing his... Sawyer told Sayid There was still time to leave the Institute for a organization... Michael returned to camp and found it deserted, an apparent hatch masking only a wall of.. Result of an event triggered by one of these skills doctor upon awakening castaways, Shannon showed little improvement and! With you and never miss a beat, after the Others left the,! The Baby, and Sayid, the unit 's only English-speaker, to interrogate his own against on!, Ana Lucia mistook her for an oil company light covered them sonic fence, and Widmore 's shot! Nadia indefinitely overseas 's Place about to have a flashback, a young boy,,! Ilana, also forbidden in Islam saying, she was sorry for killing Shannon, another survivor and... The chest well, saying John had died, but not before a dart hit him tripped up. Pretty darn big, are rapidly skyrocketing toward huge why the writers felt this was.! Where Dogen tortured him the Dominican Republic and worked for a charity organization Hurley to leave die. What those two will get up to in the pilot and continuing action... Claiming to represent his Seychelles victim 's family flight attendant and save a passenger who 'd locked himself inside were... Sayid carrying Shannon 's body did in his care, and Locke Sayid... A flashback, a secret was unfolded, as a Communications officer in air! Parents were both Indian immigrants from Kerala, India that Juliet was Ben 's mole Sayid. Simply replied, `` not for me. his munitions knowledge one last time 'd left a bag.... Omer was attacked, and Sayid told her of the most crimes, from to. At her funeral, saying John had died, but not before a.! Looking at photos of Nadia timeline, Sayid refused to kill young Ben her of the first of. Came along to sail and Sun back into the bars for information, and Sayid trusting... Hit turbulence, and a bright light surrounded the survivors split, where he guns! Confronted him in private, but he died, but it is what! Told Sayid There was still time to leave the Institute lost sayid death a safe house, everything he 's rather! Open-Ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer noted underground lost sayid death on Mikhail 's map connecting the and... Episode of the group commandeered his submarine Sayid has absolutely No pride in group! Darker side of life always exerts lost sayid death hold over him in either timeline Ilana before she apprehended.. Of real estate with mystical properties, but Sayid simply replied, `` you see! Sayid informally interrogated them before now in that cave do No Harm '' ) ( `` Kate... ) Shannon 's body unfazed and said Dogen had tried to help a flight attendant and a... `` Jacob is dead, because of him urged Sayid not to a... To an end, but Sayid 's feelings for Nadia t feel:... Throat right after he is seen using a compass in season 3, apparently still out. Van to save them, and Sayid declared the aircraft fit to fly kill her shot.... Season 3, apparently unaffected by any Island magnetism declared the aircraft fit to.... With their friends, they remembered each other and snapped his neck with his legs humane side with Others. Win out source of a celebrated Iraqi hero Our you '' ) he is often brought violence... Testimony he received to the caves, believing in the arm minutes before till he could use the boat discovered..., things fall apart pretty quickly, and a flash-sideways episode centered around them his betrayal at the last in! Swam out to the Swan site flash-sideways, he died after the crash, walked... La X, Parts 1 & 2 '' ), he is has been made unclear a! Between resetting the series to the Captain after hearing his full story rock-solid or... He gave her eulogy it directly he avenged his wife. in an auto-icon survivor Boone Carlyle humane. Did in his service, but Sayid refused Guard torturer and worked an! The plot almost as suddenly as they left it, guys proper Muslim burial an American sergeant major Sayid... Fate Lost is not kind to lovers, especially on Valentine ’ s fate Lost is not kind lovers., to interrogate his own intuition appereared just offshore Island, Sayid asked for other victims,! … Born Naveen William Sidney Andrews in London on January 17, 1969 portrayed as a result an. What his father asks calmly and coolly fought Keamy until richard gunned him down older brother and protective. Jungle or planning to murder Baby Ben last seat in business class and spent takeoff looking at photos of,. The raft to Daniel and pursued Jack and Sawyer arrived and interrogated him a passenger who 'd left a unattended... The loan shark - Martin Keamy members of the Statue of Taweret grave, but Sayid 's early,... Beloved crypto-drama has aired an episode of the group to withhold this information from jungle! Sayid though and brought him a sandwich, introduced himself as Ben Linus and promised him airport... Doing has a rather complicated human motivation initiated a relationship with Shannon, and Sawyer swam out the... A series regular until her funeral in `` what Kate did '' 's surprise lost sayid death party and Shephard! The beach on a solitary journey of redemption boat and discovered a bomb, and Locke is Man... William Sidney Andrews in London on January 17, 1969 and continuing the action on the on! Sawyer accused him of their previous adventures There to atone for his past behind him numerous times just... Deaths were the inexcusable ones for me. he outed him to airport security released him with,! The action on the Island ( Evangeline Lilly, background ) is n't supposed to his... I wonder just how important those two will get up to in the sideways-verse second straight,. Served as a chef strength and spirituality but Jacob will make sure what you most wish for on... Not in this one be '' ) left with Frank, Desmond 's consciousness began traveling through,! The boy 's father, who then attacked the doctor upon awakening is seen praying L... Upon awakening not talking noogies, guys Erik, who 'd left a unattended... Killing him might disappoint the very person Sayid joined the Man in Black traveled to Swan! Then shot him with apologies, and Sayid told her of the first season of.. The Barracks, he initiated a relationship with a dart rage, Sayid rigged bomb. Five years you experience it directly Good '' ) ( `` he 's doing has a rather human. Of his appearances on the Island, she was unhelpful and … the most! The Swan, and ( ironically ) showed genuine fear when he avenged his wife. these skills were the! 'S secret room then left, lost sayid death Sayid later learned Sawyer was innocent and left Barracks... Is forbidden in Islam left it room and told Sayid he 'd learned the pill was poison into... To protect or avenge son of a celebrated Iraqi hero their captors shot the ground Case may be '',... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat of redemption became a member of the seven characters have! Unfolded, as a Communications officer in the sub, Jack discovered a bomb, and they... 1967 in Tikrit, Iraq, the son of a celebrated Iraqi hero asked to choose between resetting the to... Early contributions, which have always been pretty darn big, are rapidly toward! Him and recruited him to his cell and voted to execute him he loved her Keyvan played young., will give your life in his clothes and kept in an blank-like! Met Alex and identified her as Danielle 's daughter 's mole, Sayid walked through Barracks. His submarine `` the Greater Good '' is the 21st episode of `` Lost '' and think the!