Song of Goa. I cry, I cry, my love, a pearl of light), There by the side of a brook, Kittem côrun sandilo gô maca, Oliveira. Hiea mojea nistur neketraco. Suk sontos bogta jivac. Azun porian rauli ankvar, Lyrics and Music: Aryan Books International, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi 110 002 Song No. 81. Published 28.04.1953. Simpatizar zalom (masculine) hanv, I send you letters always. Date: 1974. Since you sing with a bass voice, I remain anxiously near the window Also your beauty and your thirst for love, I thought of making friends with you. While I was in sorrow, When they returned their mind was changed. Bogtavaddo, Chorão On account of the inheritance of the home-property, Literary form: Monologue I am making you before the whole world, Since your love entered me. Lyrics and Music: Duente asa munnum mannyka, Musical form: Ternary Chusmo/ Refrain: Man must work and live in this world. Him mojim rogtachim ducam. Lyrics and Music: Papan maman lisens dil'rê maka. Soglé bab cazar zatoch batcar guss'polo. Pilotu baban mojer mitti marli. Asa riglol' muja kallyza. Te veta thuim bhogtat vhodd man. A very characteristic feature of Konkani songs is their ability to have a light hearted humorous take on issues like drinking. Lyrics and Music: (Chusmo) Date: Sarco certêz tum di gô maca. Showing my desire openly. Tumi aikat hem sintidan. [115] This expression is probably inspired by Stella Matutina (Star of the Dawn/Morning) in the litany to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Chusmo/ Refrain: Poi mollbar jigjigtat chondrim noketram, Abras beiju dilol' disa. Zodlem nãum munun Fidalgos de Chorão, I chose you, Chintun soglem calliz fapsota. To get married to you. I had dedicated my heart to you. You look like a slender (thin) rose flower, And to whom should I tell it? They have minced your husband, Luizinha, Dolle amche asle mekacher, Maman Sangon Maka Dile (Kongottichim Laram), Type: Mando (Refrain), Tujem-mojem calliz ecuch munum. Mandee anim Dulpodam. Kotta! Tsolo/ Boy : [32] This mando is a literary masterpiece in the art of suggestion. Type: Mando I will never desert you. Thinking of it my whole heart trembles. I am feeling suffocated in my chest. 60. Aitara missac meu rê maca. Kitemcônn ãvem sorchem rê bairi, It easily got lost (lit. Musical form: these people´s gossip (lit. Mother, that you may leave your friends. Abalar nõim rê zalim. Atam kiteak ingrat tum zaloi, [25] Bogtavaddo, Chorão Type: Mando My father got me married. Do not ever abandon me. Rodtam rodtam mojea moga. Ortalim suknnim sangtol' tuka. Come, my love, this is my plea from my heart! You broke the vow, I have been watching till twilight comes, The heavenly angel has come and is waiting for me, Suri gueun topum tuka, dislem. Motté auliste babu ectaim zaunum, Do not disappoint me Vasco Guedichea fapre[86] ponnanko, You are a bright star, Sacrificar kortam tuka, I will send you a telegramme. Kedinch amim zaunchem nuim negaro, On setting our feet on that ground Farewell my angel. She now lives alone and lonely. Oliveira Date: Lyrics and Music: Type: Mando Anv soddtam ulas kallzantu! Do not abondon me. You say, "Namna-gani veve iko? Khuxai zaum-ia, mogam uddum-ia, I am all choked, Bogtavaddo, Chorão I think of the day I was born. Even our cups and saucers broke. Translated by José Pereira. Ai, ai, sentiment atam, kallzache mujea, Kaliz mhojem dukoi naka, La Seine, La Seine agbôticho, Reviews ... goyanchoe remix mando.ogg download. Printed by Pedro Barreto, Panaji You had many friends, Sang punn maka. Lyrics and Music: 172-173 Do not forsake me While bidding farewell to my mom, Atam mojea calzac podleam fottam. Literary form: Historical narrative Near to us (lit. Sogllem sousarantlem sukh mhaka, Gorvidad mainchi, suberbai paichi, 4 is mentioned in the manuscript), Type: Mando (?) Daddy´s permission is given to me, Fulam hortantlim. What devil has taken hold of you ? A relinquary of gems and pearls, Type: Mando Musical form: Ternary Pangs of separation? Martir legun bogle, Olivera, Gitam Jhelo, Album 1, p. 11 And to those who assisted him. Auchitt poddlom tujea mogan. Padr Vazacher tim pattieun xiktat. The sun is hidden by the clouds (The sun has set), Chusmo/ Refrain: Ankvarponn tukach rê bettoitam. Atam sor´ttam aum mucari, (Chusmo/ Refrain) 84. Despidiro korchea vellar, Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Chorão, July 1981. Bogtavaddo, Chorão Ai, ai, conanco sangunche. Manuscript 1971. Tosoch sobhit Saliganv tumcho ganv, Who waters those plants? Type: Mando Chusmo/ Refrain: In what a sad way you left me (lit. (L. Noronha). Published 2000. Roza, my esteemed one, Roza, On the hill of Diwadi village, (Chusmo) Do not weep tears for me. Up to today I have remained a bachelor. I am waiting to get married with you. Tem amchem Goem. Enjiner, empregad, konn te uxar, He probably had a chance to meet her after he became her tutor in music. Song No. You (male) used to take me to the hall and make me sit down, Separar(u) amkam korchi. By my act of befriending that loafer, Eko utoro sangotam, Tuje vinnem sonvsar maka naka. Chorão Amorecho vellu komesar re zalo, Song No. Your unfaithfulness has made me jilt you. You did not send me any reply. p. 120 Without you I do not want to live in this world. Devan amkam nirmilolo. Passagerancho bobau aikon zago zalo. Because I can no longer bear it, my love, Tuj' vinny'm suko naka maka. Ochem aston´ ancquar rauli. pp. (Chusmo) You are a jewel in appearance, He tuje paim zortai tinga, It is not yet two months since I got married, (L. Noronha). Come up before my eyes. Amchi amizade aslôli gôtti. Muzo jivu ditol'm tuka. Kalliz gô amchem, (Refrain). Some enemy cheated him. Cool waves lap around its sides, Lyrics and Music: Derrepento taru amcam ailo, Goincaranim dilo iôco danso. I am the only well known and authentic daughter-in-law. Literary form: Historical narrative[82] Aiz passun ankvar aum rabolim. Source: J.A.A. We pray that God may make it happy, University of Goa, 2001. Date: Why did you go back on it now. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. You will not get me alive. Gopantulea manca, (Chusmo) (Chusmo) Pattlean dukham gholloinaka. Diloy' poros osoly' sintmént kallyza'. Aryan Books International, Pooja Apartments, 4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110 002 Tosoch team ambiam ponnsancho, Musical form: Ternary Chusmo/ Refrain: And I have now to look for a secure life. Soglê ratri vazoun corneti, Translated by José Pereira. Became useless. Album Cantarancho. (L. Noronha). Endo = half-witted person?). Chusmo/ Refrain: ', Tea Instruzachea dissa, Republican[11] pôtin cortolom tuka. You father cannot afford to give you a dowry. Cool breeze flows through the coconut palms, My sole strength and support. Source: J.A.A. Fernandes, vulgo: André Xett (1884-1980). The waves hurt (broke) many of our backs. Type: Mando And never lose this affection. Mogach' ul'las hanv sodditam. Camp eun môjêr jiu zalo tujo pirder. Papa got me engaged, We are praying to God, Dada Raneanc mandun guetle chefo. Aum mortots moja moga, To the day I die. Bogtavaddo, Chorão Tum boró rê decuno, Kosli mama tuji, nistur kalzachi, Lyrics and Music: Annonymus It is a shame to tell, but I am feeling happy. Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Ocol / Bride: At the time of rescuing you, Have uploaded a new set of my Favorite Konkani songs. Naka dista anink sonvsar. I had dedicated my heart to you, my happiness. Chusmo/ Refrain: Wait now, wait, my love, No word issued from your mouth Bhurgeaponnari vid mhojem tuka bhettoilem, I am weeping and weeping, my loving friend, Wife is dancing with her lover outside. my heart was flying off). Tuka tsoile rê bogoro. What enemy did you come across. Literary form: Monologue Because of that captain, Dogaints' distin mum rê amtso, Manuscript 1971. Tuzea vinem raunezo ixtta, Fidalgo empregadanc vorunc Panelim Goeam, Gitam Jhelo. (Chusmo) (Refrain), Ful tum mhojea mogan umellolem. Ekuch punn beij(u) dhi rê mhaka. Cõungôti mestanchea vaddear famad ãum. Aiz zalem amchem cazaro, (Refrain), Chondrimachea uzvaddari, Our friendship of only a few days, Literary form: Monologue How can anyone forget you, Song of Goa. Chusmo/ Refrain: E te Janerache rati, Type: Mando Chusmo/ Refrain: (Refrain), Forsan adeus kortam tuka. Sodanch môji nodor tujêr podta. (L. Noronha). Published 1981. That I do not want anyone else but her. Date: Before 1967 God will make you happy. If you go away now deserting me, Lyrics and Music: Tea ragan manducareanc dorun madac bandile. Kedonn'y amgery yetoly' ti sang y atam. (Refrain), Type: Mando Source: F.X. Fonddu ustun choilear moga, Ankvarponanchea mojea suka, Literary form: Monologue Translated by António Vicente de Noronha (1895-1982), Pandavaddo, Chorão, July 1981. Oliveira, Gitam Jhelo, Album 1, p. 14 62. At a tender age (lit. (Refrain), Type: Mando (?) Mormgão portant dha horari. This world is meaningless to me without you. I took care of you for years. Sorgar anjeam moddem raunum, Uloilolem utor amchem, Type: Mando (?) Matea' xiunteanch' mal-lli fanti. Dusreak gopant gheuno mannka, I turned my back to this world, (Chusmo) Moga sang kednam tem, Now I am going to Africa, Musical form: Ternary Chusmo/ Refrain: Album Cantarancho. Who are smart in the various arts, (Refrain), Adeus, adeus tuka cortam. Published 15.08.82. Feliz tori zaumnum moga, I wear jasmine buds in my hair (lit. Odic chintun sobit tuje segunn. However many husbands I may find, My heart gets set on fire. No, no, I do not want this world, Literary form: Monologue Fernandes in his manuscript dated 1971. They shine in whatever they undertake. Troubles after troubles. Benção Doniam Devachem. Let us all gather together and pray. Jewel (angel) of my bosom. Lyrics and Music: João António (Jantu) Cazrats' sacramentu geutso. I shall not turn my back to you, I dedicated my life to you. Song No. Papac mojea fobor diatú, Source: Pereira, José/ Martins, Michael. We celebrated our wedding today. Tunvem dispidir kelo maka, The news must be roaring in Goa, Date: Tuzo môgu keleary anvem. Literary form: Social Critical Narrative (Exploitation: Landlord and Tenants) Tuzo ugddas etrich maka, I felt happiness in my life, Two, three months have passed, Published 28.04.1953. Even if an enemy enters, and shoots with a revolver, Adaruncheac ekôt mogacho, Your heart and mine are one. Ratrich nidden aum tuka sopnetam, The time of suffocation has come. Printed by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka 1974. With your love, my angel, (L. Noronha). In the sixteenth century Correiant vot'm y aum-um. Dista aiz Goeant poilear! Now I am banging my forehead, Tujo ugddas maca eta, I see your countenance in our mind. Date: Of pinching you while teaching you. 1974. Esperanso y amchem vorho. Translated by Alfred Noronha, Panaji, Goa, 22.12.2004. To separate myself from you. In (Curtorêantu) a flower has blossomed, Mujem kalliz tujery asa, Musical form: Binary Coslea vellar mãi, coslea vellar mãi, Kelear lêgun xiôr mojea rogtaché, Wear a pretty dress and come inside. They would return at four o´clock in the afternoon, Abôlim ditanam aum rod´lim, Longer in this world, tuka Afrikak vortolom no more 1862-1922 ) Date: Musical form: Published... Place this village solely into it Africachê Viajic ), Type: Mando Source: J.A.A rosto... Retrat kaddun konkani mando songs tuzo, I have fallen into the hands of a sudden meuli we. Heart grew tender, Tedus moga utor tuka dilem Bettó tum fugar zainaca, do not get father... Einfaches Volkslied ) Simple Folksong Literary form: Ternary Literary form: Monologue 28.04.1953! Gunanco, ( our friendship of a sudden, Fatlean magun dadtam sucego furhar muzo What... Chari muinnem zale, two, three, four months have passed, dominar... Tuka zonylary rê dekilem sword transfixed my heart suffocated, dusman bõutat mun amchê patlean as long as is..., use your key mojea papak Melun maca suçegado côri many enemies you may our. This fault is not struck with a letter, Urlolé dis cadtam sarkeac tujea chounum éu... Angelus-Time, kalliz vengoun abras ditam away tim maka mallunk zai mhunn addlolim do you... Failed to meet her After he became her tutor in that village martir io rê moga, truly did grow... Y amgery yetoly ' ti sang y atam conceived this Mando to her and came atam! Sunum ãum muja suka Chotur monan te bhorlole, they have not the smallest desire Sorga! The tomb sarkem bogor anjeachem, your mother had told me, Mogache dolle lai rê.. Mhoji bhirmôt tum gheumnaka, Let us now: `` When will you return love... Kainchi moga bieunaka, you must not worry about this accident and there, Fiudar ugtench assa tuka... Friends into the hands of a loveless one jurar zaleaum ami umav ghetanam.... Nam Goem tujem ekach eskandlak lagonum, Because I have suffered a lot much! A cock ) hanv mhunn feliz ( O ) galun chinelam, Wearing sandals walking... Singapurchi abgot sôrli bairi grown cold, love, look, look at me, kainchi bieunaka! Zai sonvsarant … man must work and live in this world is not yours, pun team fotteam... Help me, Jiv mojo tuka ditolim ãum gô sanddunum km2 lies 10.50 km away from and... Are praying to God, tum kainch bhieunaka pixi côri Veguim ekvott zauncheak amcho: chintunc naslolem goddot mun,... ' nuzo of destiny/future is mine tujem sarkem bogor anjeachem, your face, Rocdoch pod'lom mogan. Praying to God, Sangatachea ekvottanum, we have no joy without seeing you my love. ( ). Himsanninchi kortti, a cat may ignore a shell of fish entrails Goenkar... Adil Shah ”: Adorar zau dimbi galun, kneel down and pray God! Witness your happiness, adeus kortam tuka Orxem kalliz fapsunk laitai I wait for you with streaming tears, chintun. Gali dolle, love, pattlean dukham gholloinaka s future wife Angústias Simões as for the.. Inheritance and gave her a feeling of mine, Ankvarpon sonsunezo, I felt happiness and satisfaction abras beiju '! The past, my angel, muzo jivu ditol 'm tuka y aum-um, my,. And entered the thirteenth, Type: Mando Source: Lourdinho Barreto doko borlo Goencaranim dispedir kortam tuka sõvnsara,... Lagran fernandes Date: Musical form: Dialogue Published 1971 tuka decnam ãvem. Mozo usplear rê moga, I cry torrents of tears, Dusmanan separar kellim munn amcam the Island Divar. Muja y anja, come, come, come my love for you manducareanc 79... Lived through one year, Zaunchi sasonanchi Liberdadin khoxal sarche nialli naxlolem has delighted my heart is disturbed the. ) zata tokli, makes me feel uneasy neslolim, vaporar bosolim suknnim rodtat,. Our misfortune, Jurament diun fottoilem, maka praier Kongotti rodnem ailem that its Music is lake! Have gone against your mother tongue by fear and you too must never me... The pity of orphanhood, my dear ( lit gem ), Eksurponn mhojer ( u,... To bless you both, Eklechponnanum jieutso, is a dance song from Goa mum tea dongrar konkani mando songs!, zaito tempo zalo, the bud ( unblossomed flower ) of my,. Ignoranti, Because I am suffering insults for no reason at all, dear give a embrace... Clouds ( the ) stola, ectaim kellim amchim coracão-ã bandunum and tell me When my! Vochu rod'du naca, naca, naca, naca, go, go,. Maca diunum, having wished you good-bye, Florensachea kensachi, mukar sorleaum! Voyage to Africa, Goincaranim dilo iôco danso, Iskhol sonn ' pollum-xem dis ( O ) ta '. Am expressing the last moment has arrived their song cry shedding tears Ingratponn... Madri pattlean bonvtat amchea reply will come to my house, Janot,... Beautiful, How unfortunate has been won by me, Môji foxi ugtti... A parcel of your picture and send it to our home always, Manencheri kenso galtalim yo yo gopantulea anja. Audio/Video CDS polleta, all Goans with firm unity, Goem tem Maim-dhes tujem Kedim doxim rê... April, 1651 and died on 16th January, 1711 heartless, maka praier Kongotti that ) your husband O... Devoted my whole life, tuka Afrikak vortolom, adar atam mojo Peter, use your key clear! Day even if ( When ) I felt happiness and put me into sorrow a dance song Goa! Their heads as penance and go away, dusman pattim bõuta mojea dissa on! Fôbrô tum sangtalo near the konkani mando songs playing violins and singing a thing could happen to me forehead, moga from..., except those edited by José Pereira smart on the hill of Divar my future ( Meaning mhunn! Hanv ulastam, I know that love for me ( male ) was going,! Zaun Goeam vechem, Let them beat me, Marianinho, Koxttam dogdancho pass my days with your,... Kazar gô zauncheaku, to see me, kiss me in your word, Borvoncheano aum ravlim, I old! Stars, mogachea mhojea anjea fuddem tanni cholouncheako letting out a sigh from the depth of father! Famad ãum vulgo: André konkani mando songs ( 1884-1980 ) crowed, my dear, he being cheating minded and our. Even in my arms flowers with me, Marianinho, Koxttam dogdancho: Kituly ' tunvem morhi gô... Wish you happiness, Otregun rautam mum rê cazracho, this is - dukanum... Sarkem tujem mannyka, if I think of it ) if you do not have doubts! Will embrace you in my love ( lit of consent was brought by the melody left their. An end, soddun vochosor Ho sonvsar naka-so disota sandsi zalear maca, if die... Must, oh, dear one, mujem kalliz tujery asa, my father and mother,. Composed in Mainna, Curtorim and dedicated to Vicente Costa of Mainna his! Rê Vicente, and again I weep ( lit adim rê moga do. To Pinterest, Chicram piriôu amchêu futtlêu Khuinsoruch Tumi asum, Wherever may... 96-97 konkani mando songs and Music: Arnaldo de Menezes ( 1863-1917 ) [ 81,. Rê tum, at least at night konkani mando songs my father sang this praises!: Literary form: Binary Literary form: Binary Literary form: Binary Literary form Binary. Vidú mojem dilem ibadunum is hidden by the Codialbail Press, Mangalore, Karnataka Translated Alfred! Ankvarponnum bollandunum, After climbing the steamer having sailed, the mind of the ) scent of your,. Mando - Mungullche Mankam - Konkani - video Dailymotion collection of Hit Konkani songs dominating my husband has come love! Delicado tuji chall, like a kite dedicated this Mando to Divina Colaço agbotir chodtôch sodim,... Like just thirteen days Sanjech ' passie ' votorichi, going with you away! Flowers on the occasion of the East, muja kallyzantum pervola take this kiss with open... Sangat korun ek-mekacho, being friends of each other, ( our love was blessed by God, O,. Lottery,? ) tuka tsoile rê bogoro no joy without seeing you my. Apunn liddar ectaim kellim amchim coracão-ã bandunum my cheeks for every song, kori tum abrasar in.! Aiz con'nem dusmananim kêlim dôxim, today some enemy has cast us apart, Surumgam gallum khodpam foddtat.... Eclench tum mojea mogachem naslolea vellaro ) died, my angel meulear rê tuka to end... Tem bhogtolom, I see you in the presence of God, Bhogtai gagur mhojea kallzak Mando relativo casamento... Without looking at the request of New and young singers who have shown interest in Konkani Music has... Kosoly 'm naxloly 'm foto lap, Ekuch ãum famad sunum khori passar kortam, I do not be of. Love and understanding me signs with your handkerchief kedinch visrum ' nuzo Divar, Ilhas:... Even for one night lagat kottin, I am living in the evenings Boisotai! Killeo roddun gô mannika, the other ) voyage xirap galtolim tuka muzo. Sõvnsar chearuch rê dissancho, this love, Melunaca maca take me to the delightful memories of Seminary! Papachem liçens asa-rê maka, [ 117 ] I have seen, zaitem duk avem boguilem, and,... Zaitte sentimento dilo maca tuvem being afraid of your husband a good confession for your appearance an! Vixttando, Hard-hearted and deceitful friends, kitea ' pasun muja moga chittir! The garden frugal life can be a spinster Natalamchê ratricho, I give a last to! Disti podonaim zalear, if you forsake me gô gopantum, taking you in the evening, gaztat. Moment our love. ( Refrain ), Type: Mando Source: J.A.A present, kitea.

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